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Voltage and Frequency Converters

From KCC Scientific

Convert, Clean and Regulate Power

Clean Power Frequency and Voltage Converters will power your equipment regardless of country. Power your 230V AC 50Hz products in 115V AC 60Hz countries and 115V AC 60Hz electronics work in 230V AC 50hz countries.

Clean Power comes from instrument-grade, pure sine wave synthesis at the precise frequency and well-regulated voltage your device needs.

The output is fully isolated from the original mains power source. Clean Power Converters solve the electronic equation and assure that your device is powered exactly as it was originally designed to be.

What is delivered to your device is a precise sine wave, free of voltage and frequency aberrations, regardless of the quality of the local power grid.

New! Explore why precise mains power line frequency matters! See our new 50Hz/60Hz guide!

Global Power Solutions for Valued Electronics

The KCC Scientific voltage and frequency converters are built to assure successful connection of equipment to a power source, overcoming international power grid differences.

With KCC Scientific converters, even sensitive equipment requiring 230 V AC 50Hz can operate successfully with a 115V AC 60Hz power source. Equipment requiring 115V AC 60Hz can be connected to a 230V AC 50Hz power source and visa versa.

Choose the KCC Scientific product that matches the wattage requirement on your device. The Professional Series is designed for equipment requiring 100 to 500 watts and includes the Thor, Hercules, and new Mercury converters. The Athena, Chronos and Apollo converters match with smaller equipment up to 40 watts.

We will work with each customer to assure the right solution, anywhere in the world.

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50-60Hz and 60-50Hz Frequency and Voltage Converters

The Technology Behind KCC Scientific Converters

All driven by a digitally synthesized sine wave and delivered through a novel Class D power amplifier, all of our products provide clean sine wave output to assure that your device operates as it should.

All products include a compatible, universal, certified wall adapter to power the converter and use internal, high-quality toroidal transformers, designed to be safe and silent. Our converters are designed for full-time duty. They do not overheat and do not require any noisy cooling fans.

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Professional Series:


Voltage and Frequency Converter

500 Watts

Our new Mercury family allows you to operate your equipment anywhere in the world. Mercury capability includes:

  • 500 watt continuous
  • Selectable Voltage and Frequency 115V or 230V AC
  • Selectable 50.0000Hz or 60.0000Hz
  • Industrial and laboratory applications
  • Ideal for tube preamps and console systems
  • Power monitor display
  • Both US and EU output power outlets
  • Optional rack-mount kit available

Coming Soon!

Professional Series:


Voltage and Frequency Converter

200 WattsFrequency Converter - Hercules

Our new Hercules allows you to operate your equipment anywhere in the world. Hercules has been successfully used for:

  • International R&D cooperatives
  • Pro audio systems up to 200 watts
  • Vintage audio such as Braun SK55
  • Model railroad
  • Lower power appliances
  • Electronic production equipment
  • Rework stations up to 200 watts

Professional Series:


Voltage and Frequency Converter

100 WattsFrequency Converter - Thor

Our new Thor has been successfully used for:

  • Vintage audio and Hi-fi audio up to 100 watts
  • Higher power turntables
  • Sewing machines and fans
  • Health and beauty electronics


Voltage and Frequency Converter

40 Watts

Frequency Converter - Athena

Our 40 Watt Athena allows you to operate your equipment anywhere in the world. Athena is ideal for:

  • Turntables and tape players
  • Solid state audio under 40 watts
  • Health and beauty electronics
  • Backlit clocks and clock radios


Voltage and Frequency Converter

12 WattsFrequency Converter - Chronos

The Chronos (Model 1930-115V) allows you to operate your clocks, clock radios, and many turntables anywhere in the world! Use Chronos to power:

  • Clocks
  • Flip Clocks
  • Vintage clocks
  • Clock Radios up to 12 watts
  • Turntables up to 12 watts


Voltage and Frequency Converters

24V AC 20 Watts

Frequency Converter - Apollo

The Apollo Voltage and Frequency Converter allows you to power your U-Turn turntable anywhere in the world!

Apollo provides 24 Volt AC output. It acts as a 24V AC transformer with selectable frequency (50Hz or 60Hz), offering rock-solid stability and reduced hum.  It accepts 100-240V AC (50 or 60Hz) mains input.  Provides up to 18 watts output power.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

A frequency changer or frequency converter…

…is an electronic or electromechanical device that converts alternating current (AC) of one frequency to alternating current of another frequency. The device may also change the voltage.

From KCC Scientific:

How to Charge Your Electronics Overseas

Traveling, Relocating or Working Overseas?

Whether you’re moving from North America to another region or vice versa, you could be faced with the issue of mains power line differences when trying to power your electrical or electronic devices.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

What is Power Conversion?

In electrical engineering, power engineering, and the electric power industry, power conversion is converting electric energy from one form to another such as converting between AC and DC; or changing the voltage or frequency; or some combination of these.

Frequently Asked Questions

By Ken Reindel of KCC Scientific

What are the power requirements for your electronic device?

Somewhere on your device, there is probably a tag that indicates the required power for the device. It’s not always in an obvious place. It might be in small font, and perhaps less than legible. If you cannot find it, do a quick Google search on the device’s model number and look for the specifications. A quick glance at the tag or the specifications, and you are sure to find the ratings, in a format similar to this example:

Power Requirement: 115V AC, 60Hz, 25W

What does the above rating mean? This is the voltage, frequency, and power your device needs to operate properly.

What is voltage?

The first item listed on a rating label is the voltage. An example is 115V AC. The issue most of us are familiar with is Voltage, often abbreviated Volts, or simply “V.”
Every plug-in device will be AC (alternating current) rated. Voltage is the potential difference present at the power plug terminals, which is what causes power to be delivered to your prized device. Some devices will indicate 90-250V AC, which means that your device is “Universal” and can work on any voltage standard across the globe. But, many will not be universal. If the voltage is too low your device will not activate. If the voltage is too much your device will very likely be damaged.
In general, the way the world is divided with respect to voltage is as follows:

North America: 115V AC
Rest of the World: 230V AC

Some exceptions do exist. For example, Taiwan is 115V AC, as is Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. So, it is best to check!

What is Frequency?

The second item listed on a rating label is the intended Frequency for the device. Frequency is the number of times that the electric current switches polarity per second, expressed in a standard called Hertz, or abbreviated Hz. On electronics with motors that turn or vibrate, the frequency will determine the speed at which they operate. Some devices will indicate 50/60Hz, which means it can operate at either 50Hz or 60Hz and perform well. However, many devices are designed for only 50Hz or only 60Hz, but not both.

North America: 60Hz
Rest of the World: 50Hz

Again, some exceptions exist. Taiwan is 60Hz, as is Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. The western half of Japan is 60Hz and the eastern half is 50Hz. So it is always prudent to check!

What is Power?

The last term listed on a rating label is the power the device requires to do its job, expressed in Watts. When you go to select a power converter, you will need to know this since the power converter must be able to deliver this much power or more. If the converter does not have a rating greater than this number, then it will not reliably operate your prized device. For instance, if your hair clippers require 30 watts of power. You will need a power converter that provides at least 30 watts; perhaps 40 watts or more.

What are Power Converters?

Power converters make it possible for electronic devices to operate on power grids anywhere in the world, no matter what power grid they were constructed for originally. We are all global citizens today, as nearly everything — from the economy to satellite TV — has gone global. But the exception to this globalization is the electrical power grid.

If you move from North America to another region or vice versa, you could be faced with mains power line differences effecting your devices. In the new country, the voltage and frequency power standards may be very different from what you are using today. For example, in North America, the standard mains power is 115V AC at 60Hz. Outside of North America, the standard power is generally 230V AC at 50Hz.

A quality power converter that addresses both frequency and voltage can resolve this issue.